West Oxfordshire Riding Club

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WORC Merchandise

West Oxfordshire Riding Club Clothing and Merchandise

We are pleased to announce some NEW club clothing which is available via the link below, we do love a bit of team clothing – making sure everyone looks smart and part of the club!! Make sure whenever you are riding for the teams you ask what Club clothing is required for your round (Dressage is a bit restricted due to rules, but XC colours we can go all out!)

Great clothing for wearing to training or events, whether you have just hopped off after a great XC round and want to hide that ‘hat hair’ or if you are the star volunteer or support crew! Below is a list of some of the items we have.... 
Maybe a soft-shell gillet, or tracksuit bottoms to cover up those clean Jods!

We have an online retailer - Happy to accommodate all needs and with a whole new range of kit


For the Rider:

Polo shirt                                 - with chest logo £13.50

Softshell Gilet                          - with chest logo £24

                                                - with Back logo £28

Softshell Jacket                      - with chest logo £28

                                                - with Back logo £32

Hoodie                                     - with chest logo £18.50

                                                - with back logo £22.50

Sweatshirt                               - with chest logo £16

                                                - with back logo £20

Rugby Shirt                             - with chest logo £21

                                                - with back logo £25

                                                - with 2 sleeves £27

Jogging bottoms                    - one leg embroidery £20

Baseball cap                           - £12.50

Beanie                                    £10

Headband                              £7

For the horse:

LeMieux - Cotton (GP, Dressage, CC) - one side embroidery £45.00

LeMieux - - suede (GP, Dressage, CC) - two side embroidery £60.00

LeMieux - - dressage Competition - one side £50.00

Rhinegold - one side embroidery £22.50

- two side embroidery £32.50

Professional Choice - one side embroidery £25.00

- two side embroidery £35.00

Fleece Rug - one side £40.00